SHAKA Earbuds Samsung Compatible Features.

1. Volume Control

You can increase or decrease the volume on Samsung Galaxy phones using the ” + “ and ” – “ buttons.


2. Receive or End Calls

While the head/earphone is plugged in, you can receive a call or cut it by pressing the small control button.


3. Launch S Voice or Google Voice

By pressing and holding the control button, you can quickly launch S Voice or Google Voice.


4. Play or Pause Music

Just plug in the headphone and press the control button once to play music, and to pause it by pressing a single time.


5. Play Next Song

Press the control button 2 times continuously to skip to the next song.


Are headphones an absolute necessity in our daily lives?

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SHAKA Earbuds:”We are not just an indispensable fashion accessory! We are bringing something fresh and new that will finally meet the expectations of this tough audience, and will be building an exciting social media campaign to get to people so they can enjoy a great sound quality, comfort, Dynamic and outstanding sound accuracy and clarity every day.”

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Headphones, in other words, while taken for granted today—from inexpensive versions packaged with electronic devices to the highest quality models—are achievements in human invention that coincide with other critical innovations without which headphones as we know them would not be possible. Like many histories of modern invention in physics and electronics, the history of headphones has roots in the experimentation of Thomas Edison. Though he did not know it at the time, some of his work with electrical currents indirectly led to innovations that made possible the amplification of audio signals.

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Clean Your Earbuds for Better Sound and Hygiene !

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Earbuds can get dirty surprisingly fast, especially if you use in-ear earbuds—the sealed design increases the heat in the ear canal and leads to more ear wax and oils accumulating on the bud. You can’t just dunk them in water and shake them around.

Try these easy steps instead:

  • Use a gentle cleaner, like soap and warm water. No need to go too heavy-duty here; try a mix of dishwashing detergent and water. [Ed Note: To wipe! Not to dunk!]
  • Use a gentle cloth with just a small amount of the soap mixture. Too much soap could leave a residue on your earbuds, and too much water, well that goes without saying.
  • If there’s a lot of dirt or dust in the metal part of your earbuds, try brushing them with a dry toothbrush to dislodge the dust.

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Best Holiday Pop Songs

Madonna, “Santa Baby”

Justin Bieber, “Mistletoe”

Hanson, “Merry Christmas Baby”

Bruce Springsteen, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”

Ludacris, “Ludacrismas”

She & Him, “Little Saint Nick”

U2, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Rubben Studdard, “This Christmas”

Paul McCartney, “Wonderful Christmastime”

Mariah Carey, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Britney Spears, “My Only Wish (This Year)”

Wham!, “Last Christmas”

John Lennon, “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”

Ariana Grande, “Santa Tell Me”

Shaka Tech Earbuds / Apple Compatible Functionalities.

1. Volume up/down

When you squeeze the plus sign on the inline remote it turns the volume up on your iOS device. When you squeeze the minus sign, the volume goes down.


2. Play/Pause

When you squeeze the middle of the inline remote, you can play and pause the audio on your iOS device (music, podcasts, audiobooks, and audio from apps like Pandora).


3. Fast Forward

When you double squeeze and hold the center of the in-line remote, the audio begins to fast forward. Release to resume normal play.


4. Rewind

When you triple squeeze and hold the center of the in-line remote, the audio will rewind. Release to resume normal play.


5. Activate Siri

When you squeeze and hold the center of the in-line remote, you will activate Siri on devices that have Siri (these include the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th generation). To deactivate Siri simply squeeze the center once again.


6. Take a Picture

You can use the volume up button to take a picture when you have the Camera app open. This can be useful if you want to prop your iPhone up to reduce blur when taking a picture in a lowlight situation.


7. Accept and End Calls

When you have an incoming call simply squeeze the center of the in-line remote to accept the call. When you’re ready to end the call, squeeze the in-line remote one more time.


8. Ignore an Incoming Call

When you have an incoming call that you would like to ignore, simply squeeze and hold the center of the in-line remote for two seconds. The call will be sent directly to voicemail.


9. Switch to a Second Call

If you are on the phone with one person and you receive a second call, you can end the first call and switch to the second call by simply squeezing and holding the center of the in-line remote for about two seconds.


10. Skip to the Next Song or Chapter

When you’re listening to music or an audiobook, you can skip to the next song by double squeezing the center of the in-line remote twice quickly.


11. Go to the Previous Song or Chapter

When you’re listening to music or an audiobook, you can go to the previous song or chapter by triple squeezing the center of the in-line remote quickly.


Free from scratches . . .

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The phones would be free from any kind of scratches if they are covered with a Shaka Tech Case. In Shaka Tech, we claim that the fact that even though there is a screen guard in your phone the phone is not safe when it is in your bag or in your pocket. So for complete protection there should be a case which can protect your phone from all the circumstances when your phone is in the bag or in some other place. The phone can be safest when there is a case covering the phone that can protect the phone from the scratches. Coins, keys or any other thing can damage the phone and this can be protected with the help of the case. So the phone scratches can be saved to a lot with the help of the Shaka Tech Case.

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“Only in the distant future . . .”

If you’ve got a cell phone, then you are holding the pinnacle of human technology. Back in the sixties, when the original Star Trek was on TV, people marveled at the imagination of that show’s writers. Every crew member carried around what today would be called a flip phone. If anybody was asked back then if something was possible, they would have responded, “only in the distant future.”


Mobile phones have become the necessity of most of the people these days. The phones are a part of our lives and they are needed by each and every individual. Mobile phones are the basic necessity of our lives. They are really needed to live life in this busy world.


Protection is one of the prime importances of a mobile case. Earlier the mobile phones that were manufactured were very much hardy and they were not prone to malfunctioning if they were dropped from the hands. But these days the mobile phones are more sophisticated and they are often dropped by people. The Shaka Tech Case can save the mobile phone to a great extent. The mobile phone cases are really a saver in the times when accidentally the phones drop from people’s hands. Shaka Tech co. does not claim the fact that the phone would be saved completely but surely the damage of the phone would be very less than the phone without the cover.


“The newest fashion accessory isn’t a fashion accessory at all,” GQ

Building a success of Legacy SHAKA TECH Earbuds , features the freedom of excellent technology to connect to your mobile devices that turns functional elements into a distinctive design features. Built-in controls put your music at your fingertips with remote control of track volume and more. The SHAKA TECH Earbuds are designed for staying connected on the move, with integrated in line remote control and microphone for taking calls and controlling music on smartphones and tablets, with dedicated versions for either Apple iOS devices, or for Windows or Android-driven devices, such as Samsung Galaxy models. A range of color choices includes black, white and pink, all models available for you at the Amazon store.

1. They’re Designed For The Ear Itself. “The human ear is so unique. No two are alike, making one headphone to fit everybody’s ears would be like one pair of shoes to fit everybody’s feet, I mean it’s impossible. But that’s exactly what we have tried to do with the new Shaka Tech Ear Buds.”

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2. They’re Durable.

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3. They Optimize The Listening Experience. In addition to being more stable without creating a seal like in-ear headphones do, the Shaka Tech Ear Buds themselves are better designed around the geometry of the ear, finding the best ways to direct sound into the ear canal.

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iPhone 6 Protector Armour Case


Smart phones are expensive.

More-so if you buy them off contract and unlocked, but even subsidized with a new agreement the high-end phones are going to cost you about three-fiddy after taxes and that’s a whole lot of money. When you spend that much money, you want to try to take very good care of something lest you break it, and for many of us that means a case of some sort.

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Importance of phone cases

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It doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive or fancy – just that it should be high quality.

Drop protection

No matter how much care you take, there are instances wherein our phone drops onto the ground. If the cover weren’t present there could be chances of damaging the phone. Your mobile cover may not protect the phone totally, but the amount of damage would be a lot less.

No more scratches

Your screen guard would protect the screen from scratches when using it with your fingers. But, what would happen to your screen when you place the phone in your pocket? Your keys and even coins if any could damage the screen to a really bad extent.


Another important factor that you need to consider would be looks. Phone cases don’t just offer protection. They’re also pretty and add to the beauty of your phone. There are plenty of different options when it comes to styles of mobile phone cases and hence you need to make sure that the one you pick is perfect for your needs.

cover silver